Current Negotiations

As per our contract, passage of Proposition 55 (renamed from the original Proposition 30) triggered the reopening of limited negotiations between BTA and BUSD. Teachers are guaranteed at least a 2% off schedule bonus. The negotiating team will inform members of developments as they occur.

Bassett Teachers Association Communique #1        3/20/17

The Bassett Teachers Association is composed of team leads Dora Carrillo and Nitza Peraza.  The remaining of the negotiations team are Kathy Ruiz, Rosalinda Osnaya, Robert London, and Veronica Cueva.

The opening session of negotiations began Monday, March 20, 2017, at the Bassett Adult School.  The district discussed budget, the impact of declining enrollment, the impact of the STRS increase, the duties of Teacher Specialists, and Child Development.  Article 16 (Salaries) was discussed. Article 17 (Employee Benefits) is tabled for the next meeting.

After discussion, we presented the district with clarifying questions and the district has agreed to address them at the next meeting which is scheduled for Monday, March 27, 2017.

Bassett Teacher’s Association Communique #2 for 2016/17

Your Bassett Teacher’s Association Bargaining Team completed its second official negotiations session with the BUSD Team at the Erwin Adult School Campus.

We were unable to have a complete session due to a family emergency.  A few items on the agenda that were discussed:

• attrition  • possibility of establishing a Health and Benefits committee • district opened a discussion about the possible extension of the MOU for evaluations

Although BUSD submitted a salary proposal, we were unable to propose our counter offer due to the meeting ending early.

We have tentative dates proposed for future meetings as soon as April 7.

We appreciate your continued cooperation and support.


Your Bassett Teacher’s Bargaining Team:  Dora Carrillo, Nitza Peraza, Robert London, Veronica Cueva, Rosalinda Osnaya, Kathy Ruiz

Bassett Teacher’s Association Communique #3 for April 19, 2017

Your Bassett Teacher’s Association Bargaining Team had its third official negotiations session with the BUSD Team at the District Office.

Agenda items proposed by the District included:

I. Attrition  II. Specialist Questions III. Evaluation Documents and Discussion IV. BTA Counter Proposal V. Healthcare Benefits

I. The District shared they have no intention of filling positions for teachers that were released this year as of now, unless there is a need to fill positions depending on certain teacher credentials and or district needs.

II. The BTA bargaining team confirmed that Specialist questions would not be entertained at this time since it is not within the scope of this year’s bargaining proposal.  There was a verbal mutual agreement between HR and BTA to open Article 10 (Hours of Employment) and Article 11 (Class Size), in addition to Article 15 (Evaluations), Article 16 (Salary) and Article 17 (Health and Welfare). However, the Superintendent recommended to the board to only approve what was in Article 23 (Duration). BTA’s Sunshine Proposal, with the exception of Article 10 and 11, was approved. The Specialist questions fall under Article 10.

III. The District discussed an extension of current MOU for Evaluations.

IV. BTA presented a counter proposal on salary. The District Chief Business Officer informed the BTA bargaining team that further adjustments need to be made to the budget due to an audit, which will result in further adjustments to the Ending Fund Balance/Reserves number.  The CBO will be informing the Board of Education at next Tuesday night’s Board meeting, during a closed session. He will inform BTA bargaining team of the changes at our next negotiations meeting.

V. BUSD made a counteroffer, and BTA rejected.  BTA will wait until the budget is adjusted before we proceed with accepting or making another counter.

Our next meeting is set tentatively for Tuesday, May 2 and May 9.

We appreciate your continued cooperation and support.


Your Bassett Teacher’s Bargaining Team:  Dora Carrillo, Nitza Peraza, Robert London, Veronica Cueva, Rosalinda Osnaya, Kathy Ruiz

Bassett Teacher’s Association Communique #4 for May 4, 2017

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.”        -Cool Hand Luke

The District will not be prepared to negotiate salary and benefits on May 9th.  The District needs to further clarify their budget to the board after the recent audit.  We strongly suggest you attend the board meeting on the 9th wearing Green. Where’s the money?

The District is adamant on evaluation language.  Evaluation language will be ongoing and will impact your career.  We need you at the next board meeting on May 9th.  What is also important for all BTA members is discussing salary, which the district said they will have the authority to bargain on May 11.  Just as important as Evaluations is to BUSD, Salary and Healthcare is crucial to BTA members, and the bargaining team will continue to push salaries.   The BTA negotiations team is frustrated with the delays due to the audit.  The negotiations process has been dragged on long enough!

We hear you! Now put your words to action!  We will fight as long and strong as you back us! We need to show solidarity on May 9th.

Numbers talk in negotiations, and they speak volumes at the board meetings.  Show up!

We appreciate your continued cooperation and support.

Your Bassett Teacher’s Bargaining Team:  Dora Carrillo, Nitza Peraza, Robert London, Veronica Cueva, Rosalinda Osnaya, Kathy Ruiz

Bassett Teacher’s Association Communique #5 for May 11, 2017

We discussed the audit in depth with the district and found out we’re broke.  The audit really hurt the district as a whole.  Think the worst, and it’s worse than that!  The BTA team worked diligently on the figures, and the BUSD team was receptive to every question we had about the audit report.  And…WE ARE BROKE!

With this realization, the BUSD presented a second proposal in which they withdrew a 2% on schedule salary increase for 2017-2018 because it “is no longer fiscally possible without significant risk to ongoing operations .”

We realize that your initial thoughts might be “we hear this every year…”, however, as valid as those feelings may be, we combed through the numbers, met with the auditor, questioned the district, and despite all our efforts, we recognized the district’s transparency and confirmed the audit report’s outcome.

Negotiations are not over.  And rest assured that your 2% off schedule bonus remains intact.  We have another meeting scheduled for May 15.   We will exhaust all possible means and scenarios in getting something to present to membership.

In the near future, BUSD will present the audit to membership.  We urge you to attend and ask questions about the current and future financial status of our district.


Your Bassett Teacher’s Bargaining Team:  Dora Carrillo, Nitza Peraza, Robert London, Veronica Cueva, Rosalinda Osnaya, Kathy Ruiz

Communique #6 from the BTA Negotiating Team         5/15/2017

The Bassett Teachers Association met with BUSD from 3:00pm to 7:08pm.  We had a lengthy Q and A discussion to clarify the numbers. BTA made a counter proposal, and the district will review it and have conversation with the Board.  Please view the video for an explanation from Nitza Peraza, our BTA Co-chair.

Communique #7 for May 25, 2017

“State of the State” of BUSD per BTA’s interpretation

BTA and BUSD have reached a tentative agreement for membership to vote.


The BTA has repeatedly been told that Bassett USD is in a financial crisis, though we cannot verify the impact of the audit on the ending fund balance. The district states that the financial implications can be found within the audit. BTA has continuously asked for a budget to be presented which included the impact of the findings but at no point has the district presented a budget. Currently, the budget is under review by the California Inspector General. Though this process is unclear, the result can have a negative or positive impact on the ending fund balance.

BTA can verify that Dr. Rojas is formally separated from his superintendent duties. BTA can also verify that he’s been given a contract through his LLC Corporation, Greenvale Consulting Services, for the amount of $231,382 over the span of 19 months. BTA members, be aware that the cost of 1% to labor is $205,000. The BUSD education board was able to find Dr. Rojas your 1% salary on scheduled dollars to be given to his consulting contract. Is this a good decision by the board, to rehire the person who put us into this financial peril? You might want to talk to your board members and make your concerns be heard at all board meetings.

The BTA negotiations team has worked through numerous bargaining sessions to advocate the 2% (and more) off-schedule money to be moved to an on-schedule salary proposal but the screeching brakes you hear is the BUSD budget failing to pass audit.

We can confirm that membership will be receiving a 2% off schedule bonus as ratified last year.

We can also report a longevity increase for the 2017-2018 school year and beyond should you decide to ratify the TA. This is the districts best, last, and final offer.

A signed tentative agreement will be sent out on Friday, May 26, 2017, for your review. We will gather for a Q&A on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at Edgewood Academy cafeteria starting at 3:15 p.m. and will commence voting at 3:30 p.m.

Your bargaining team wishes you a good night at 9:13 p.m. from the district curriculum office.

Your Bassett Teacher’s Association Bargaining Team: Dora Carrillo, Nitza Peraza, Robert London, Veronica Cueva, Rosalinda Osnaya, Carla Mahaffey, and Kathy Ruiz

Organizing Communique #8
(Numbering continues from last year)

Did you know? We had to pay a penalty for having too many administrators in our district. BUSD paid a fine of approximately $225,000, plus a $20,ooo penalty for 2016-17. If we add in the cost of salary + benefits for this administrator overage, we can estimate that that amount could easily double. Is this one area that BTA’s “on schedule” raise could have gone? We have been told BUSD is “working toward” compliance of administrative overages.

Our negotiation team is only as strong as its membership. Show your support! Show up for the board meeting on 9/12/17 at the District Office Board Room at 5:30pm. If you want to support your negotiations, come to the meeting!

Our negotiation team will use BTA time to speak at the board meeting. Our CBO will be presenting the budget. Please fill out a card and ask questions about the budget and how that affects BTA members in negotiations.

It has been reported that the high school enrollment is down by approximately 100 students! However, there have been discrepancies because “High School teachers'” attendance is not matching “warm body counts”. Please be sure to take attendance in the first 10 minutes of class, as BTA Executive Board has been notified that possible reprimands are being issued to chronic behaviors involving “not taking attendance”.

The Evaluation MOU was renewed for the 2017-18 school year and is expected to be approved by the Board on 9/12/17. All members must inform their administrators which evaluation procedures they wish to participate in by October 17, 2017.

Organizing Communique #9 (9/25/17)

Your BTA Negotiation’s Team met with BUSD on September 25, 2017 to resume negotiations for the 2016/2017 school year
The Negotiations Team spent much of our day waiting for the district team.  We waited two hours and eight minutes this morning for bargaining to begin and then waited another hour and a half after lunch.  We were able to make some progress and exchanged several counterproposals.
We expressed to the district that we would like to conclude negotiations of the 2016/2017 school year so that negotiations for the 2017/2018 can begin.  The negotiations session concluded with a counterproposal from BTA and the district asking for a caucus.  They returned at 5:00 pm asking for a new date to give a counterproposal
The date for our next negotiations is set for October 3, 2017.
Your Bassett Teacher’s Association Bargaining Team:  Nitza Peraza, Dora Carrillo, Carla Mahaffey, Robert London, Giuliana Morales, and Rosalinda Osnaya.

Organizing Communique #10 (10/3/17)

Your BTA negotiations team met with BUSD on October 3, 2017 at the CTA office to resume Negotiations for the 2016/2017 school year.

As you know, salaries and benefits have been on the table from the onset of negotiations. Along with salary, retirement incentive and longevity have been topics of negotiations. In light of the district’s financial situation, it has been a long process.

There were several proposals and counterproposals presented and discussed and we are working diligently to bring a Tentative Agreement before membership for ratification. We are hopeful that we will be concluding negotiations for the 2016/2017 school year, possibly by the next meeting.

We will be meeting again on October 12, 2017.

Your Bassett Teacher’s Association Bargaining Team: Nitza Peraza, Dora Carrillo, Carla Mahaffey, Robert London, Giuliana Morales, and Rosalinda Osnaya.

Click below to view the May, 2017 Tentative Agreement:

TA May 25 2017